You Have A Great Time In Ferry To Phi Phi From Krabi

If you’re looking to get away from it all, consider a tropical island getaway. Although there are hundreds of islands to choose from, these three will provide you with a luxury beachfront vacation and are ideal if you’re looking to disconnect and unwind from a busy life. With Alex catching up on some much needed rest, I decided to venture out to eat with my friend Jenna on the south shore. We headed to Snaps – a small neighborhood eatery in Wantagh serving up a HUGE selection of American bistro style fare with a twist. The atmosphere certainly didn’t wow me and the tables are a bit too close together for my liking. However, when the menu was presented to us, we were both blown away by the longggg list of options and the diverse variety of selections!

Once in Hawaii, shore excursions will take you to the island. You can pre-arrange a shore activity, such as a luau, a round of golf, horseback riding, snorkeling, or more. You might visit the Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu, or view the fabulous Kilauea volcano as it continues its eruption on the Big Island.islandisland

Carl Koomoa and his Team Mango races hosted this race for many years before being forced out of Kealakekua Bay last year, resulting in an alternate race – the Escape to Puuhonua. Luckily, Carl received permission to use Kealakekua Bay again this year and the Captain Cook Challenge was back on. The race starts on the south side of Kealakekua Bay with a 1-mile ocean swim across the bay to the Captain Cook Monument. After leaving the water, runners climb the 2-mile hike up to Napoopoo Road, with approximately 1500 ft of elevation gain. From there it’s on to the bike, heading out to the highway headed south before turning down past the City of Refuge, and up Napoopoo Road for one more loop. The bike course finishes at Kealakekua Bay again before runners head out on a hot and unshaded 4-mile run on the old beach road toward the National Park and back. No leg of this event is easy!

The inspiration to develop Nikoi and subsequently Cempedak came through disenchantment with the standard of holiday accommodation on offer within easy reach of Singapore. It was either flea-ridden shacks or opulently garish five star hotels. Cultural sensitivity, vernacular design, good service and simple luxuries seemed unheard of.island

Club President Kathleen Gay is spearheading Grove Park and it’s new playground equipment. She passes later that year. There is a regular column called Restaurant Review. Doesn’t that sound like a fun job. I think President Ronnie gives this a whirl from time to time but it could be fun regular article. I saw but didn’t read the story about the Giant Cockroaches of Clear Lake Shores. I will make it a point to get back to that one. I want to see how they stack up against those big bastards in Key West! And last but not least the recipe for Italian Grits. Stand by on this site for this one.