Weekend Travel Destinations in France

France became one of Europe’s favorite destinations for students to spend their weekend vacations. There are many choices of cities and destinations that you can go to when in France, ranging from attractions, culinary to other interesting destinations. If necessary, you can use holiday rentals in Brittany for more cool holidays in France.

Let’s check out some cool destinations in France that are perfect for spending your weekend:

  1. The Luberon, Provence

In Luberon, Provence you will be spoiled with beautiful stone buildings, rows of hills with beautiful lavender expanse, delicious Mediterranean cuisine, red wine and beautiful roses. You can try visiting Luberon in autumn to pick or harvest grapes. Or you can also come in early May to be fascinated with the beauty of the red poppy flower that is in bloom. Some villages you can visit like Gordes, Saint-Saturnin-Les-Apt, Roussillon, and others.

  1. The Morbihan, Brittany

This one destination is very popular among France citizens, but on the other hand, it is still rare for tourists to find out. You can stroll along the coast and land to find the bay and visit the various prehistoric sites in Morbihan. Some of the best destinations in Morbihan are Saint-Cado, Le Vieux Passage, Carnac (Saint-Colomban), Larmor-Baden and La Roche Bernard.

  1. The Dordogne and Lot

Occasionally try to visit The Dordogne which is the gathering place of the most beautiful villages in France such as Monpazier, Domme, La Roque Gageac, Beynac et Cazenac, Castenaud la Chapelle and so on. Climbing the valley, visiting the castle, down the river with the canoe and tasting various culinary specialties of southwestern France can make your weekend getaway so perfect.

  1. Corsica

Do you want to spend the weekend quietly? So, Corsica can be the best destination. In Corsica, you can taste a combination of typical France and Italian cuisine. Not to mention the hidden beaches as well as the citadel of Calvi, Bastia, or Bonifacio. Everything in Corsica will be the perfect choice for a quiet, sunny short getaway.

  1. The Marais Poitevin

The architecture and climate of The Marais Poitevin or commonly known as Green Venice will remind you of Provence. To get here, you have to travel about 4.5 hours from Paris by car. Given the considerable distance, you can combine trips to The Marais Poitevin with nearby destinations like La Rochelle or a smaller town than Vouvant in Vendee. The best time to visit this place is outside July or August, as during these months the visit to The Marais Poitevin is very crowded.

  1. Paris

Paris is definitely one of the best cities to spend your weekend in France. The city is full of tourist icons such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre Museum, the Musee d’Orsay, and many others. You can try the Seine Cruise to the Seine River and enjoy the beauty of Paris from different angles. 1 hour trip down the river will make your weekend in Paris so perfect.

Are you ready to explore France for next weekend?