Vacationing With Friends

If you are looking for an all inclusive beach vacation, the best spots to look into to are Mexico and the Caribbean. These locations are popular for families because they offer fabulous beaches and water sports, lots of swimming pools, adult and kid’s programs, meals and drinks, babysitting services and activities for adults. Time unrelentingly changes things, both virtuous and unpleasant. With that being said, something virtuous is coming to Drayton Hall. A Visitor Center is presently in the works and due to open in 2018. At present, all of the plantation’s original artifacts—including furniture, are in storage. The new Sally Reahard Visitor Center will include an orientation hall, education center, and exhibition galleries.

I am not in ANY way opposed to flying. In fact, I know my kids would love it. But with the cost of our vacation and the costs of flying, for this trip for what we needed to save, it made more sense for us to drive. If the costs are lower for you to fly OR if you just can’t stomach the thought of driving, you should definitely do what you are the most comfortable with! It IS vacation after all!vacation

Opt for active after-meal activities. To burn more calories, schedule high-energy activities after meals. Sign up for post-breakfast beach volleyball, cycle to and from that brunch spot, or spend the evening at a restaurant that offers live music and after-dinner dancing.vacation

Even four local areas soon proved to be too large. We eliminated Idyllwild as it was the farthest from our home. Distance from one’s home needs to be an important discussion between any couple buying a vacation home. The home six hours away might be wonderful, but how often are you going to use it. We also eliminated Lake Arrowhead. It is an older area that never felt right to us. If one or both people do not like an area, based on whatever unseen forces guide the universe, don’t ignore these feelings. Like a relationship, the things that bother you a little today, you will hate tomorrow. Thus, Big Bear Lake and Wrightwood became the two communities in which we hoped to find tranquilty away from Southern California’s hectic lifestyle.vacation

Modern travel agents are again thriving because of the things we are as well as the things we are not. Clients are coming to us because we save time and energy. They are coming to us because they trust our knowledge and experience and can offer ideas that they may never have thought of. They are coming to us because they appreciate our service and love knowing we are THEIR agents, not the resort’s or the cruise line’s or the tour operator’s etc.