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At this time, the Marriott Vacation Club website is experiencing an interruption in service. Ms. Julia Lee, our tour guide, met us at the arrival’s area. I was curious as to how cold it was outside. Upon stepping out of the airport, I had a rude awakening of how cold 8 degrees centigrade was actually like. My ordinary jacket felt like a thin undershirt! We stopped by at a nearby restaurant for a sumptuous Bulgogi dinner before heading towards our temporary billeting in Incheon.vacation

An Ocean City Beach House Rental is an old fashioned house situated on the bay side of Maryland. Offering all the amenities of modern living, such as internet access, cable TV, fireplaces and others, offering an accommodation of around twelve people. This is one of the vacation homes in the ocean city which can be enjoyed by all family members.vacation

Here we have listed some tips and places to come up with funds for your travel plans. Many of us don’t have the problem of coming up with funds, but for the many that do, this article will help you brainstorm a list of ways to put money into the pot.vacation

I have this little secret that I am about to share with you so let me have your undivided attention and listen closely. What if I told you that you can see 16th Century architecture, pastel colored buildings similar to those on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, piazzas similar to those in Rome, and have the culinary experience that matches that of Barcelona or Paris, but you only have a 3 to 4 hour flight and half the budget you might think you need? Would you be in for that? Who wouldn’t, right? But there are tons of travelers here in the US that ignore this hidden gem and opportunity every time they make their vacation plans simply because…its in Mexico. That’s right, Mexico!

According to one source, Shepheard’s Tavern burned down in 1740 and 1796 and another source only mentions 1796. Both could be true since great fires occurred in Charleston in each of those years around Broad Street and Church Street. In 1740, it was rebuilt using as many materials as could be salvaged from the original building. At the time of its burning in 1796, the building was used as a retail and wholesale store. Again, it was rebuilt. An artist’s depiction of the tavern is etched on a granite stone located at the Church Street corner of the present Southern Bank of Charleston. Swallow’s Tavern, The City Tavern and The Corner Tavern were its other known names.