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Twikkii Island

A lot of My readers know I am from Maui, but I have not released anything to the public on what I know about the Island and killer places to visit if you vacation there. You can separate your vacation from everyone else’s by just knowing about some spots that will take your breath away. Secret Spot #2 on Maui- JAWZ- Jawz is located past the 14 mile marker on the north end of Maui in Peahi. Its right past Haiku (575 area code) Isn’t that a trip. Anyways, in the winter time on Maui, Jawz boasts the largest waves in the world. Some topping 70 feet tall. The surfers that talent these monstrous wonders of a wave are highly skilled and its Tow in only. They use specialized boards with foot straps and then are towed into the waves on Jet ski’s. You have to hike through pineapple fields to get there, but once you there, its awesome. Don’t forget your HD Flip cam.vacation secret

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So please, if you do take herbal supplements, be sure to inform your doctor. In today’s world we are willing to try anything that will help us overcome our infirmities. Doctors are no longer surprised to find out that their patients are taking natural medicines and/or herbal supplements. So go ahead, disclose everything!!

This is a very lovely hotel. The service of the staff is excellent. We had the concierge personally come and introduce herself to us within 10 minutes after getting into our room. The pools wait staff/bartenders were very good and made the day fun. The housekeeping staff went over and above to help us celebrate our anniversary. It was very sweet and thoughtful. We will go back to this hotel.vacation secretvacation secret

The same goes for all public officials. It’s about preventing our legislators from being bought, or looking as if they are for sale. And even if they aren’t influenced, they have to avoid giving the appearance of a conflict of interest – and that includes not accepting otherwise unaffordable accommodations on a private island, with transportation thrown in, to boot.