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Trudeau And His PMO Should Know How Bad Secret

There are so many combinations of Disney World tickets available. This is the one area that people have told me time after time that they find the most confusing. You spend hours of research just working out what all the options mean, and then you have to start searching for the best place to buy. If you take some time to understand all the options available you can save yourself hundreds of dollars. Recently several people have inquired as to the new and often touted thread-lifts, which are the less pricey face-lifts. Although I do not have any medical education, I have access to many medical articles, surveys and websites not accessible to the general public. And of course, the obvious, I ask the doctors on our team.

Within the DVC contract there is a provision that allows members to occasionally” rent or give their points to others. There are 3 main reasons that you would want to rent points instead of buying a membership. One, if you want to take DVC for a test drive before you buy. Go and rent some points for your next trip and see if you like it. Two, if you only vacation at Disney occasionally (i.e. every 5 years or so). That way you get all of the perks without buying into DVC. Third, you like the luxury but you don’t want the long term commitment. This is certainly the least expensive way to get DVC bonuses without the full membership.

Have you heard Disney’s best kept secret? It’s called the Disney Vacation Club or DVC and is essentially a timeshare programme. And here’s the other best kept secret, you don’t even have to be an owner to take advantage of the deluxe accommodations on offer because many owners will be willing to rent their points to you on the years that they can’t travel.vacation secret

Science & Vacation The Secret of Scent” was my #1 travel experience in 2016 – and one of my top 10 ever! As a perfume lover, a perfume blog junkie and a Luca Turin science groupie, this class hit all the right notes! Location in the Luberon was gorgeous with lots of wonderful places to explore in Provence. And the parfums… OMG! Victoria was incredibly generous in sharing her vintage parfums that may be a once in a life time opportunity to smell, parfum classics like Jicky and Mitsuko and so many others! And Luca’s science lectures on how smell works and the chemistry of synthetics, esp musks, was as fascinating as you would expect from the irreverent and articulate Luca Turin! If you love parfums, are addicted to the perfume blogs and you love travel, Science & Vacation are for you!

We drank way too many Mai Thais. I got very badly burnt the first day laying out in the sun; David on the last few days. We laid on the beach at night and watched the stars. We talked. We kissed a lot more than we do at home. We had full length conversations without being interrupted by little ones. I can’t describe it without grinning from ear to ear. It was lovely…no…beautiful….no…perfect…yes, a perfect vacation for the two of us.vacation secretvacation secret