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This form is to be filled out by the student’s advisor or department chair of any student applying for a Travel Award for the Texas Section of the American Physical Society Fall or Spring Meeting. In March 2014, the first case of polio since 2000 was confirmed in a 6 month old boy who developed paralysis in the previous month. He had not been immunised against polio. Laboratory tests indicate the poliovirus was similar to the strain causing the ongoing Middle East outbreak. See health reports for further information.

On 27th February 2017, we received notification that we were being removed from the restaurant section. The reasons given made absolutely no sense. Our Web page is available for anyone who wants to look at it. We fulfill all the criteria that TripAdvisor has outlined and more. In fact, looking at the other 300 restaurants listed, if we applied the criteria, many would be removed. No plausible explanation has been given. Sad to see that there are some dark issues looming behind this company. The fact that they themselves cannot justify this behaviour leads me to think that someone is either trying to promote a new section or some personal interest. We haven’t lost hope that they will fix the problem but frankly we are very advisor

Last Dec, we booked a property (vacation rental) in Atlanta and the home owner cheated us after the booking was complete saying that he would not be in town and he lives upstairs in the property displayed on the website (which was not disclosed to us before the booking). We were told to cancel the booking which we did and called TripAdvisor to escalate the issue because the owner was not ready to refund the money. We called TripAdvisor at least 30 times over a period of 3 to 4 months and each time we called we had to go over the whole matter and all they did was say they will call back which they never advisortravel advisor

Zika virus infection has been reported from New Caledonia. Cases have also been described from Tahiti. Zika virus is a virus that is transmitted by mosquito bites. Symptoms are similar (but usually milder) to those seen with dengue. Prevention is by protection against mosquito bites as for dengue. See health reports for additional details.

By successfully completing the Tauck Academy, Debie is a Tauck Certified Agent who qualifies for special benefits and other exclusive opportunities. With her certification, Debie can apply her specialized knowledge and expertise when planning trips for her clients.