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Demand for meaningful and authentic travel experiences is exploding, which is illustrated in our Good Travels study—the first on the motivations and practices of charitably inclined travelers. In July 2012 an outbreak of Ebola virus infection was confirmed in western Uganda (Kibaale District) with at least 20 cases (14 deaths) by late July. As at mid-August there have been 24 probable and confirmed cases cases (16 deaths). An isolation facility in Mulago Hospital is available. Ebola virus outbreaks occur episodically in Uganda. Risk for travellers is low but all travellers to Uganda should be on alert until the outbreak is contained. On 17 August 2012, WHO was notified of an Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republc of Congo (10 suspected cases and 6 deaths). See Travel Health Reports for further information and advisor

Four Seasons Resorts on Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island are offering resort credits of up $200 per night for select dates (credit varies by room category booked). The Four Seasons Resort Lanai is offering a $1000 activity credit for guestrooms, and $2000 for suites. Stay longer than 5 nights and the credit increases, and all this can be combined with our Four Seasons Preferred Partner advisor

Zika virus infections were reported from Vanuatu in May 2015. Zika virus is transmitted by mosquito bites. Symptoms are similar (but usually milder) to those seen with dengue. Prevention is by protection against mosquito bites as for dengue. See travel health reports for additional advisor

A number of measles cases were notified in Santiago in May 2015. Travellers should know their measles immune-status. Unless there is a history of confirmed measles in the past, or of having had two measles vaccinations, measles vaccination is recommended for all travellers, providing there are no contra-indications to having the vaccine.

As a hotel owner, I don’t pay them the business listing. has very accurate reviews of the business. Anyone can post a negative review without staying at the hotel. Bad customer service. My hotel was closed and TripAdvisor posted reviews while my business was closed! How they dare to do something like that!