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As far as airplane emissions are concerned, there are actually a few concrete things we can do. There are ways of offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions generated by air travel by means of purchasing trees that will be planted to offset these emissions. At Trees for the Future, your US$40.00 will actually pay for the planting of 400 trees which will help offset greenhouse gases. You will also get a Global Cooling Certificate and bumper sticker. On their website you will also see a list of partners, including lodges and bed and breakfasts that are powered by renewable energy sources. The forms are available on the website, and you will also receive the forms along with the policy, you can submit them with the relevant documents. Patronize green hotels whose managers have programs that save water and energy. CitiTrans: Bandung-Jakarta point to point. Phone: 022-533700 (Bandung). Saya hanya sekali memakai jasa travel ini sewaktu mau ke Jakarta dari Bandung. Poolnya di Bandung di daerah Dipatiukur dan SCBD di

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Here visitors will have the opportunities to visit the Royal Armories Exhibition. The White Tower Tours (guided) are available 3 times daily at 10.45, 12.45 and 14.15. The tour also include with visit the top floor of the tower, the Torture Chamber. I was supported by your advisor. She did an excellent job in providing the right policy for my upcoming travel. She is quite knowledgeable and proactive. She even helped me update the profile name. I would rate her service as Excellent/Outstanding.