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I was barely 15 when I began going to my aunt`s office to help her and began to get involved in the bussiness of a Travel Agent. When I finished school (at almosts 17) I decided I wanted to become a Travel Agent and de able to show my beloved Peru to anyone interested in coming. Long story short… After calling TripAdvisor over 15 times speaking to 15 different people who have broken English I have been denied the rental and I am out of a place to stay 36 hours before arrival. They have no other properties to offer me. TripAdvisor customer service is horrible, I will never ever use this site for ANYTHING ever again. Our family trip has been ruined and they are fighting me about my refund. Stay far away from them as advisortravel advisor

As of 30 November 2010, the large outbreak of cholera that commenced in Daru in Western Province in October 2010 has spread to mainland areas of Western Province. Travel from Daru to Australian Torres Strait Islands is being restricted by Australian authorities to prevent spread. Since September 2009, when the first outbreak of cholera was confirmed in Morobe Province, cholera has spread to other parts of PNG. Vaccination is recommended for humanitarian & aid workers & persons in close contact with local populations, but be aware that safe food & water precautions are paramount in cholera prevention. See the personalised Travel Health Reports and Fact Sheets for further information.

Many travel professionals use multiple designations. Simply because you find a travel professional through the designation of, say, travel consultant does not mean that the same person cannot also be located through the designation of travel agent. You may want to contact a cruise planner, but you may get a great travel advisor

Clearly, some titles suggest more of a specialized service, such as cruise agent. Undoubtedly, a travel professional uses a label to show his/her area of specialization. However, no one would suggest that only a cruise agent provides the required services in a superlative way.

Shore Club Turks & Caicos lets you stay for 7 and play for 5 when booking a full size suite or penthouse. Rates include breakfast daily, free calls to the USA & Canada, Kids Club for 4-12, use bicycles, tennis court, fitness center, and non-motorized water sports, and wifi. And of course you can enjoy their four pools: Adults Pool, Family/Resort Pool, Colonnade Pool and lap pool.