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In the past, promotion of the availability of a vacation home rental was limited to a few local avenues – print advertising, flyers handed out or hung up around town, postcards left in local establishments, and word of mouth. With the advent of the Internet, a new option has been created for marketing vacation rentals. You can now promote your rental home across the globe relatively inexpensively and easily. You can create your own website or you can take advantage of listing sites that draw the traffic in for you. The author uses Cayce Pollard as a witness to negatives and positives of Globalization while using her father’s stories of the old world as a comparative perspective. When exploring East Berlin in the subsequent months after the fall of Berlin ‘she’d come very close to weeping, appalled at the manifest cruelty, not to mention sheer boneheaded stupidity of what she’d seen, and had been moved to call Win in Tenessee (270).’ Win’s memories are William Gibson’s conclusion of the end result of Soviet reign, but it contrasts heavily to the corruption that Cayce views in modern Russia. Cayce’s rides in the Mercedes with blue flashing lights that allow the rich owner’s to circumvent traffic laws for a price, is an example of corruption being a product of unchecked Capitalism.

Gallimard’s intellectual process that he used to arrive at this statement can also be attributed to his romanticize notions of oriental women. He believes that women are undervalued in society and as a result need Western men like him to ‘protect’ and ‘pamper’ them until they ‘smiled (16).’ Gallimard’s leap from the idea that Oriental culture devalues women to the generalization that Orientals devalue life is the author’s illustration of the assumptions Western society holds about the mystique of the Orient.

Where are we here in the USofA? We are WAY down the list…almost dead last in fact. We get an average of 15 days off of work and most only take 12 of the 15. Some will act as if that is something to be proud of. But lets also see where we are on another list. We are third only to India and China when it comes to anxiety, depression and drug&alcohol use. Go figure! We wear this work honor badge like it is something to be proud of while our society suffers from mental stress and disorders. What relieves stress and anxiety? Balance in life can lead to a much less stressful and anxious life. Balance meaning taking time to focus on other things than just work and jobs.vacation

The name Pirate House became attached to the address as a result of these stories, but search as you may, no legitimate evidence can be found supporting such claims. The Dock Street Theatre is peculiarly silent as to the rumored opening underneath its stage leading to a sand-filled tunnel. None-the-less, there is a plausible explanation as to how the truth, by way of a slight variation, gave birth to the rumor that grew into the legend.

Now the fun begins! Before I really get into the prep of this tasty treat I open up an icy cold bottle of Kalik….that’s beer brewed in the Bahamas and excellent with a squeeze of lime……I like mine over ice with a straw, but that’s my own little secret….most people just like the lime. Preparation of cracked conch can be thirsty work! Once the conch is totally cleaned and I have removed all of the orange and black parts”, I slice it into ¼ inch slices so that I have little fillets. Next I bring out my conch whacker”…..this device strikes fear into the heart of my husband….I guess because I enjoy this part way too much! Place the fillets on a plastic cutting board and begin to whack” the heck out of them….I like mine tenderized to the point of being able to read a newspaper through it.vacationvacation