Top O’ The Mountain

Stone Mountain Park features a wide variety of fun family activities and things to do in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Amazing adventures await as you discover interactive children’s attractions and dozens of fun annual events suitable for all ages. When I say the world stopped, I mean that I have a very strange relationship to time now. There was my life until 2003, a life that hummed along and things changed and I moved from place to place and attended schools and published a novel and got a job and eventually moved to Montana. My story kept unfolding. And then Patrick died, and it feels in some weird way like my story ended. However, I’m still here.

The literature of climate change is mostly of the apocalyptic variety. There will be a disaster and then it will ALL END. But if there’s anything I have learned in these intervening years, it’s that it doesn’t end. You’re still here. The sun comes up. The apple trees bloom in the spring, and the garden needs planting, and the children you love will keep growing and even, eventually, you might be lucky enough to meet someone who loves you and who doesn’t mind when you spend the first three or four years telling him stories about your dead brother, and who you love back even though you find it inconceivable that you’re spending your life with someone who didn’t know Patrick, and who Patrick will never know.mountain

We laughed about the chorus of the Sugar Ray song we heard while driving to the trail head. Once the shower past, we reconvened around the camp fire. The John’s were plotting to hike Bald Mountain the next day and I believe Brett was headed for Copper Mountain; all just a short distance from camp. It was a wonderful first peak in the Lemhi Range. We enjoyed a hardy dinner and some wine with Diamond Peak looming in the background before calling it a night.

Climate change will bring alterations to all ecosystems, including those on mountains. WWF advocates for an international climate agreement and promotes energy efficiency and renewable energy. We work to stop deforestation and develop strategies for adaptation—especially among vulnerable communities and fragile ecosystems such as mountains.mountain

I could feel the big change coming – whatever we want to call it, climate change, global warming, the Anthropocene, the great acceleration – I don’t know what it is, but having been raised by unreliable parents you develop antennae for impending doom. You can tell by the energy level, the degree of frantic vibration, that something bad is about to happen. And that’s how I felt in California. I couldn’t put a finger on it exactly, but I knew something wasn’t right and I wanted to get out of the way.mountain