The Granola Chronicles

Bye, bye blogger. You’ve been good to me, but it’s time to move on. Time to move on to a new website that fully captures the essence of the blog and has an actual web store where items can be purchased securely on-line without having to call me with a credit card number. A lot of you did just that and I appreciate every single one of you. You all have helped make Black Mountain Cycles what it is today. Most of the products we sell are exclusive to Mountain Warehouse, unlike other outdoor clothing shops. By cutting out the middleman we can produce the best quality products at the best prices. We pride ourselves on providing great value outdoor gear and at Mountain Warehouse you can be sure to receive honest advice from our knowledgeable staff.

I’m not really sure how I fell into this. I suppose it’s all because of a broken spoke in 2009 Since I replaced that broken spoke on Tom Hardy’s Sachs seven years ago, I’ve gotten invites to the Dino rides – some I’ve been able to attend, some not. When I have been able to make it, the quality of the ride and the riders is top shelf. Tom encouraged me to attend last year, but timing wasn’t quite right.

The Court concluded testimony late in the evening on March 10, 2016 as to the temporary restraining order entered on February 23. Ruffner seeks a preliminary injunction, as would effectively extend the terms set forth in that order until such time as the trial of the case is conducted.mountain

Our ancestors in healing, the long-ago plant people, were in service to their human community as well as the medicine allies they harvested from the hedges. These plant people often lived on the edge of town and worked as not only healers of physical sickness, but also practitioners of spirit, shamans of the village soul, and knowers of, or in old English ‘cunners’ of, the ‘wort’, or herb. Some were called wortcunners. Some were called magicians. Some were called witches. There are many different types of herbalists now and in the past. In ancient times — interestingly! — they were called the rhizomati, or by some sources, rhizotomoki, meaning ‘root gatherers’ or ‘root cutters’.

Made in down to Llanberis for food just after 9:30. Limited options, saw us in the Indian, which was showing no signs of closing when we left just after 11! Great to be hanging out with the Irish team again and enjoying some easy laughs and good company!mountainmountain