The Dark Mountain Project

The Carbondale Mountain Fair began in 1972 with 20 booths showcasing local artists and artisans. Today, the Mountain Fair draws over 145 vendors poised to bring their unique and diverse homemade wares to town each summer. In addition to vendors, Mountain Fair features non-stop entertainment-both in live music and various forms of performing arts; a family-area called The Oasis which provides interactive, creative experiences for children; great food; friendly competitions that run the gamut from pie baking to wood splitting, and an amazing spirit. That spirit is best evidenced by the over 300 volunteers who come together to run the fair. Throughout the weekend, over 20,000 people pass through from across the state and all over the country! In our current times, herbal medicine and plant-based culture has re-emerged in many forms and I perceive it is in a major cycle of transformation. Many call it the ‘herbal renaissance’ and it’s not clear yet what the trajectory will be, as the world seemingly changes at the speed of light. However, the core values remain inextricably connected to the interdependent place-based character of the village healer and his or her reciprocal conversation with the wild and green world.mountainmountain

Another innovative kit from Woodford Manufacturing and sold at Eagle Mountain Product’s online store is the Woodford Adjustable Rod Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) Anti-Rupture Kit. This revolutionary kit offers homeowners the utmost protection from their outdoor faucet bursting in freezing conditions even if a hose was left connected to the faucet.mountain

Over the next few weeks, we’re moving into action. I’ll be writing up a detailed plan for the new site, talking to developers and designers, and working with the rest of the team on the editorial shape of the new online publication. Sometime this autumn, the results will roll out into view, opening a wider window onto Dark Mountain and a broader platform for the conversations this project exists to make possible.

Because of the cold temps we recently had a lone javelina take of residence in Cesar’s dog house. I guess it looked like a cave and warm inside. There was a fight for doghouse turf and finally a stand off and Cesar gave in and let the javelina stay warm for one night. And now the doghouse has a strange odor coming from it. Yep javelina stink from that sent gland on them.

Dang, how did you get time to do all that? First, I got off the Facebook (with the exception of maintaining the shop page) and then I started riding and getting shit done. It needs doing, just get it done. Lots of cool bikes have been through the stand and some great Black Mountain Cycles bikes have been built and are off to new owners from the west coast to the east coast.