Summer Vacation

You aren’t the average sized family and you want to go on vacation. So what are your options? You came to the right place!!! How old are your children or other family members who will be coming along on this vacation? Younger children and elderly people have special needs that must be addressed when they are away from familiar surroundings. If someone has a medical condition this may also require special planning.

THRILLOPHILIA deals with adventure-related activities on a pan-India level. Be its Rafting in the Tons or in the Kali River at Dandeli, Camel Safari in Ladakh or in the Thar Desert, Trekking around Bangalore or Ladakh, Scuba Diving in Lakshadweep or Andaman, we cater it all. We also have some fabulous Biking trips, Caving, Wildlife, Paragliding and many more adrenaline pumping adventure sports. India, having varied landscapes happens to be one of the finest destinations in the world for adventure.

The fact that an adventurer must travel with ‘body-armor of black rubber’ and a ‘knife-blade,’ portrays the ocean as an openly hostile place that requires tools to protect the fragile human body. Rich’s imagery illustrates the ocean with dangerous obstacles that must be surmounted by a ‘merman in his armored body,’ an image that does not only bring up the necessity of the tools required but also the required personality to achieve success in the deep.vacation

After a futile attempt at a career in the kitchen, we were then taken to a small Korean hut where a good number of Hanboks (local traditional costumes) were available for photo-op purposes. Being a fan of Korean TV series featuring the days of old in this part of North Asia, my mom immediately grabbed the opportunity of trying every costume that she could get her hands on. The same interest was exhibited by almost all of the women in the group. As expected, the men were relegated to the menial task of taking their pictures.

Most couples consider Maui , U.S. Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, Barbados, Maldives, Bora Bora and other tropical island destinations some of the most romantic places in the world. On the East Coast, Hilton Head Island , Nantucket and island resorts in Florida offer the perfect escape from the stress of daily life.vacationvacation