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Firstly you need to understand exactly how the airlines work in order to use a few simple and easy tricks to get the cheap tickets. They want the most money they can from each ticket, so they cleverly trick you into thinking you have the cheapest ticket when in fact you may have just been ripped off.flight

The festival season in India generally starts in October and runs until the end of November. Since, a lot of people travel during this time, most of them book tickets as early as February and March. You, too, can do the same even if your holiday application hasn’t been approved. You can go for refundable flight tickets so that you incur minimum losses if you have to cancel the tickets. So, don’t wait for the last minute unless you want to pay a bomb for the tickets.

You must be ready to make a commitment when offered a last minute seat on a charter flight. There is little likelihood of a refund if you must back out, and your luggage limits will be very low. This is a great source of really cheap airline tickets for retirees with a penchant for adventure.flight

Throb had of course paid all their money to XL, and now cannot recover those funds. This is the problem with tour operator to tour operator sales. Passenger’s remain protected through the bonding scheme, but the tour operator who has paid their money (in this case to XL Leisure, as opposed to the airline) loses it and simply becomes a creditor.