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Unfortunately, the first thing you see in the typical small letter is that airport taxes are not included and they estimate that these taxes can be around 250 euros. If we sum up, we have a total price for the agency offer of 1695 Euros (2457 dollars).

Aspiring travel agents make the error of relying completely on their education. Don’t get me wrong, proper education in this field is more than useful, but hands-on experience is also quite valuable. Get out there and travel yourself. A travel agent cannot gain the trust of a client without visiting different locations of the world or trying out several methods of travel. Experience is key!travel agency

Consolidation in the agency business is well underway. Several of the large organizations are acquiring agencies that have a unique market position, are of a specific size, and can demonstrate a record of profitability over the past few years. Since the travel agency business is largely a fixed cost operation, the more volume you can pump into an agency consistently, the lower the unit cost per transaction or ticket, therefore, the larger the agency, the higher profit per ticket. If you take a look at two $20 million agencies side by side that have duplicate office facilities, delivery systems, backroom automation, sales forces, and advertising budgets, you begin to realize the days of the mid-size agency are numbered.

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