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All hotels and vacation rental properties listed on this site are independently owned and operated. In the late eighteenth century, the double tenement was owned by craftsman and planter, Paul Smiser. Next, Mrs. Goodwyn Rhett took possession of the property. In 1928, Mrs. Rhett restored the home to a single residence with the help of Thomas Pinckney, a local African-American builder. At this time, the outbuildings located behind the primary residence were constructed using salvaged brick from the former Shepheard’s Tavern on Broad Street, also called The Corner Tavern, which was demolished in that same year.vacation

There would be notice changes in a ‘Rose for Emily’ if the story was entirely narrated by Tobe. I believe the original intent, theme, and suspense of the story would shift dramatically from William Faulkner’s original piece. Since the story is narrated in the first-person plural perspective from the viewpoint of the town, (‘we’) the reader is allowed to be intrigued by the mysterious life of Emily Rose. The description of the Emily’s house in disrepair shows that the people of the town have made specific judgments about Emily’s character, mindset and class status within the town. The fact that they describe Emily Roses’ house as ‘an eyesore among eyesores’ not only means that they disapprove of Emily’s home, but also her as a person. This allows the reader to be intrigued by the Emily’s eccentric behavior as described by the gossiping townspeople.vacation

Charleston’s antiquity runs as deep as its harbor waters and its tales are as tall as the steeple of St. Phillips on Church Street. As one of the oldest cities in America, it is a place where reality and legend walk the same streets declaring a timeless story about the lives of its progeny and their hallowed structures. A place where fact and fiction have been skillfully blurred to the delight of those who come to bask in its charm and grace. This is true of one of Charleston’s oldest townhouses located at 143 and 145 Church Street.

Finally, everyone experiences a vacation in different ways. If you have children, make sure to give them a disposable camera so they too can document the trip from their own perspective. This makes a fun way to get everyone involved and can lead to some interesting pictures. It also makes your photos tremendously unique and meaningful, and spreads out the photography workload so you don’t always have to be the one working the camera.

Batang Ai National Park – Located in pristine interior jungles next to a wildlife sanctuary, the park is an oasis of wildlife set against a lake reservoir formed by a hydroelectric dam. Orangutans, gibbons and hornbills provide good opportunities for wild sightings in excellent rainforest habitats. Visitors can also learn about traditional Iban lifestyles by spending time in a longhouse and going into the jungle with an Iban guide.vacation