Solo traveling and being female

Millennials are breaking norms with regards to travel, most sighting adventure and self-discovery as the main reason they traverse the globe. The world is somewhat more open to lone female travelers, but the challenge of breaking the slightly negative mentality of a lone female traveler is still challenging. It is perhaps the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert that opened the conversation about the importance of women traveling alone in a bid to soul search that the discussion goes women in their own company dwindled.

While the journey of a woman traveling solo was normalized, the reason as to why they were making the trip was not. For the most part, people associate traveling with a woman, heartbroken, on a romantic journey to find love. Movies like Sisterhood of the Traveling pants have not helped in negating this notion. A lady in her late twenties who’s working on a tech firm hoping to find inspiration for an IOS UI Design software will perhaps still be viewed as lonely during a trip. She could be wishing to advance her career by visiting countries on the globe known for their tech industries, but the stigma remains.

For an outsider, the truth about these journeys is that most women are hoping to find inspiration, discover themselves, and boost their confidence by understating their place in the world. Given that they largely have a leveled playing field with men, they are in a position to finance their adventures. It is this generation that contributes to a high amount of tourist revenue.

The friction mainly takes space when any form of violence takes place against a woman when she is solo traveling. The reason cuts across most, if not all cultures; the attack is blamed on the woman. The question asked is “why was she traveling alone in the first place?” Such questioning places the victim in the spotlight. As with other issues that continue to dominate the media about women, including the Women’s March and the #MeToo campaigns, the fight is always on changing the depiction of women as victims by the fault to human beings deserving of equal treatment to their male counterparts.

While there are still recurring negative attitudes about women traveling alone, the norms are beginning to change. There are plenty of things in the past that were taboo, like a woman voting. With them continually pushing the boundaries, there need not be fear with furthering the agenda of future generation to normalize traveling while female.