Singapura, Buat Yang Pemula (Sentosa Island)

Nobody does it better – to date, VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS has sold over 2,650 islands. But don’t just take our word for it – check out the official confirmation from PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Ekaterina Rybolovleva, daughter of business magnate Dmitry Rybolovlev, has bought Skorpios, her father’s investment office confirmed today. A company belonging to a trust acting in the interest of Ekaterina Rybolovleva has completed the purchase of a group of companies formerly ultimately owned by Mrs Athina Onassis. Amongst the assets of this group of companies are the islands of Scorpios and Sparti.

The confusion lies in the fact that it is entirely possible for an item of income to also just as easily fit into a subcategory of asset. The same concept applies to a debt item which might also fit into a category or subcategory of liabilities. Common sense would seem to indicate that inclusion of the same item in both the debt section and the liability section would create a double entry and that the form’s creators would have no reason to create a form which duplicates information.

We operate a high-yield, low-impact model by creating very small luxury lodges that can support enormous tracts of biodiverse land, which remains untouched and untrammeled. But, even though &Beyond ‘s footprint is very small (less than 450 bedrooms in total, which, in turn, support over 9 million acres of precious wildlife land), many of our lodges have a sustainability champion, who together with lodge managers, are custodians of our philosophy to give more” and take less”.island

At each subsequent lodge our young guests will receive a different educational or bush-oriented gift, as well as fresh expeditions to carry out, so that each stop adds to their collection and their experience continues to grow throughout their journey. Each &Beyond lodge has something different to offer, whether it is a solar torch, a magnifying glass or a compass. Specially sourced by &Beyond, all our gifts consists of quality products made of recycled or sustainable materials where possible and used to encourage interaction between the child and their ranger or guide, who helps them unravel the mysteries of the African bush and introduces them to local customs and traditions.island

One key aspect to the engagement with the local community was to establish The Island Foundation. Registered as a charity in Singapore the Foundation has been able to attract external donors that has allowed the Foundation to have a much larger reach than might have been achieved by a small resort operation on its own. Working with the local community on Bintan and neighbouring islands the goal of the Foundation is to help the communities to help themselves. Initially the focus of the Foundation’s efforts has been to establish a network of learning centres so that the local children can learn English and IT – identified by the villagers as one of their most pressing needs. Since establishing the first learning centre the Foundation has been approached by other villages to help establish more centres.island