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I am starting a new blog that is completely unrelated to the off-grid thing so I ended up here. Oh, wow, people are still reading this thing. I do hope it helps answer some questions as it was always intended to provide information. Now, really, the last couple of years, living off-grid is just our life style and we don’t even think about it. It’s all routine. Status quo. We were 6 people, 1 mother, 2 sisters, 1 brother with twin teenagers and it fit very well. Only suggestion would be to have dressers against the wall to give more room to the ground floor bedroom. It would have been nice to have some spices and staples already available.vacation secret

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The prime minister campaigned on a pledge to middle class the middle class until the middle class was middle classing all the way to the middle-class bank. Sticking taxpayers for the additional costs of a foreign vacation is, to put this in language the PMO will care about, at odds with the government’s brand.

One more memory that I just HAVE to share… the last time we were at Topsail Island, we had the pleasure of witnessing something AWESOME. Our house in 2012 was situated right next to a sea turtle nest. And on one of the last nights we were there, they hatched! We watched as literally hundreds of baby sea turtles emerged from the sand and scuttled into the ocean. It was AMAZING. I wish I had pictures, but there was no flash photography allowed since the lights would distract them from heading towards the ocean.

Basically, if you’re a fourth grader in America, you can visit the Every Kid in a Park website and download a free national parks pass for you and your family that lasts for a full year. This enables us to bypass the cost of entry at our national parks, which means that a summer vacation that involves or is centered around a national park now comes at a discount.