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“Secrets Of Maui”

Italy is the land of thousands of beautiful sites. Every region, every town, every countryside has something breathtaking to visit. The home is a short 10-minute drive from tennis courts and Cape Coral beach. Championship golf courses, waterfront dining and Sunsplash Water Park are all close by. Visit the Four Mile Cove Ecology Park, hire a kayak for the day or simply walk the boardwalk to experience the truly stunning array of wildlife. Gulf Coast Town Center mall, Coconut Point and Miramar Factory Outlet, offer department stores, name brand outlets and specialist boutique style stores.

Ahmad said the prime minister, his family and a few friends” were invited to the Aga Khan’s privately owned Bell Island for the holidays. Trudeau and his family took a government Challenger jet, following long-standing” personal and business travel protocol for the prime minister, while their accompanying friends got there by other means, he added.

Nola was a great help. We relocated to the area and were waiting to have access to our new home. Nola assisted with questions about the area as well as her own property being perfect for us- super pet friendly! Will recommend to our interstate family and friends.

Back spasms from Hell weren’t just back spasms. Something or other with discs and spinal cord and nerves and PAIN that hurt more than when a horse stands on your foot or horse dumps you and falls on you. Lasted longer than that too. I didn’t get to go visit family for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. I was mad. My back and I aren’t speaking to each other. I started an exercise program. I do 30 minutes a day, six days a week on my stationery bike or treadmill or hike the driveway. I want to add yoga but that’s enough health stuff.vacation secretvacation secret

Ya know how when you cut your own hair and then you keep cutting and trying to fix it and before you know it, you’re basically bald. And then you go to your hair stylist and he screams when you take off your hat and he’s completely horrified and you end up surrounded by three exasperated men working feverishly and they manage to fix something that was truly unfixable. No? Okay, cringe, me neither. Anyway, imagine that phenomena only with trees instead of hair. For the second year in a row, even more trees were murdered over the Spring, Summer, and Fall. I’ll spare you the drama of trespassing, timber theft, and making a mess for me to clean up and just say the neighbor isn’t trying to fix any thing. When the leaves fell this Fall, we saw the Lake from the balcony of the cabin.vacation secret