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The price shown for each flight will be the average for all passengers, including any infants. Information about any schedule, say of a Delhi to Fiji flight, can be obtained by performing searches either on the websites of various airlines or on the online portals of travel agencies. Airline websites have to be searched one by one and it might be inconvenient to note down the details and respective offering of cheap airfare to Fiji for the purpose of making comparisons. A second option is to make use of the online travel agency portals, which make comparisons more convenient.

My camera is a Canon 750D and I have a 55mm, 250mm and a 500mm lens. I am a self taught photographer and learning new things every day. I live, eat and breathe commercial aviation but having a severe lung disease means I am unable to fore fill my dream of being a pilot.

However, you should never say never. In the event that you cannot find cheap international flights to Asia, one of the options you can explore when travelling in Asia is the low cost carriers that operate within the major hubs in the region. Singapore’s Changi Airport could be considered a hub for many of the major air carriers, much like Atlanta in the United States.

Everyone who has felt the urge to make some wisecracks about bombs on planes, and there are no doubt many of us who would like to make light of the serious security procedures in place at airports, take note of the plight of one passenger flying into Dubai on Emirates in July -08. Thirtyseven year old Briton Mark Winterbottom thought it would be a giggle to claim that ‘The bomb will go off in seven minutes’ and press buttons frantically on his mobile. Sadly for him nobody else got the joke and a full scale security event broke out, leaving him jailed for four months.

While the official line is that his ashes were scattered on his girlfriend Nancy Spungen’s grave in Philadelphia, witnesses maintain that Beverley dropped the urn at Heathrow, smashing it and sending the contents into the airport’s ventilation system.flightflightflight