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Mountain was first previewed at E3 on June 12th, 2014 – at MOCA Los Angeles, as part of Venus Patrol’s HORIZON event. It was released on July 1st on Humble + the Apple app store, in conjunction with Double Fine Presents. Within 24 hours it climbed to #5 most popular paid app in North America and #1 paid Role Playing game in 33 countries. The game launched on Steam on August 18th 2014, and was nominated for the The Game Award for Games For Change. It was featured in many end of year lists as a standout game of 2014. It’s a big job, something like this, and undertaking it has made me realise how much effort needs to be put into the most simple things, and that in turn has made me realise why the society I live in has become addicted to paying for complicated things instead, and how this has laid a great big elephant trap for us that we may struggle ever to get out of.

This art and practice of traditional herbalism has deep roots into the history of every culture on earth. These roots have twisted, turned and intertwined throughout thousands of years of human civilisation, often being lost and forgotten as the quality of our communal engagements and our narrative with the world has placed humans on top of a hierarchy that centralises power into an above-ground, rootless, disembodied, hegemony.mountain

Nick also brought along a most pleasant young man named Danny (not in the photo), as he was doing a video taped documentary of the firewood project for LaPuente. What a privilege to be able to contribute to the documentary. Danny was very professional and I’m sure when he finishes the documentary and it gets posted on the web site that it will draw many more outstanding volunteers into their worthy programs.mountainmountain

In contrast, the Siberian shaman must collapse to a state of bones in order to be reborn in a new body of magical power. There are echoes of this in Tenrikyō, which holds that the material body is on loan from God and must be returned to God, but that the soul is one’s own and can transmigrate. The funeral is simply the starting point for a series of rituals occurring at fixed intervals over many years, each marking the journey of the post-death spirit. Whilst some of Mitsuo’s bone fragments have been interred in a cemetery, others are still in the family home, including the throat-Buddha. On the fifth anniversary of his death it will be transferred to the church where he worshipped.

A picture that speaks of the serenity and beauty of this little camping spot. After we ate breakfast, we read through several chapters of Proverbs, and shared what many of the Proverbs we read meant to us, and lessons we could learn from them, and then we had prayer together. It was a very special time with us and the Lord, outside in the most beautiful, peaceful setting.