North Sentinel Island & The Sentinelese

Due to the vagaries of the Small Isles ferry, we spent a bit longer on Rum than we anticipated. You might think that eight days would be too long to stay on an island that only supports a handful of houses and a shop in a shed. But the longer we stayed, the more we came to love the place. I always enjoy going out to Lavaman Waikoloa to watch, cheer people on and take pictures. Since this is one of the few races that I don’t race or volunteer at, it’s a nice change of pace. All of the pictures are available here One of the first things I noticed/remembered when I got to Waikoloa is what a big deal this race is. Lots of people from the mainland come out for this event, especially Alaskans and the big Team in Training contingent. So it really has a big race feel in our backyard. And Gerry Rott and her team of volunteers put on a first class-event.islandisland

A favorite artist- Florence Barry is showing her work at ETG Book cafe this month (March 2014). I bought one of her wish women many years ago. At ETG beside many splendid wish women she is showing 2d work, many attractive collages. I particularly like this woven one and the beetles are also compelling. I saw her hanging the show and started to take pictures to add to this blog post. She told me she does not allow photos to be taken of her work. But I said, when you hang it in public you can’t control if someone takes photos. She said she knew that but would stop someone if she saw it happening. I was so perplexed I didn’t think to ask her why.

Oh, and another thing: these resorts are actually responsible for the building of most of the schools around the islands, implementing the infrastructure, providing the government with the taxes to fund the paved streets and offer airport shuttles to people like you that find it offensive that $2 an hour is a crap wage. You’re always welcome to pay higher accommodation rates if you want the staff to earn more you know. Go stay at Laucala for $70k a night, I’m sure their staff don’t earn $2 an hour.

Burlington Island is currently under divided ownership. The City of Burlington owns the half which was once the amusement park and is currently a lake. The other half is in the trust of the Board of Island Managers, the oldest educational fund in the United States. The Charter of the Board of Island Mangers actually predates the United States.(1682) As reorganized in 1852, the Charter states the purpose of the Board of Island Mangers is to raise funds to educate the Youth of Burlington. A charter change in 1998 by Diane Allen stated that any development on the Board of Island Mangers side must be educational,conservastional, historical, or recreational.island

The Zanzibar archipelago is set in the Indian Ocean and made up of the larger islands of Pemba and Unguja (also called Zanzibar Island). Zanzibar is also known as the ‘Spice Island’ due to the delicious variety of spices grown on the island’s many plantations. Stone Town, a World Heritage Site, boasts a labyrinth of winding alleys, bustling marketplaces, beautifully carved wooden doors, breathtaking mosques and grand Arab residences.