“My Last Vacations”

A vacation home is a second home as a supplement to your permanent home. As an owner of two vacation houses I can introduce you to a number of aspects that will help you getting your dream vacation real estate with lasting pleasure for yourself and your family. In fact when you read this easy list you will also get an impression of the pros and cons of owning an extra home for vacation. The home itself is lake level with two bedrooms and two bathrooms which can accommodate eight. Plenty of top line linens and towels can be found in each room and bath. The two great rooms feature floor to ceiling views of the lake, a fireplace, wet bar, and entertainment center of a flatscreen television, DVD player, cable satellite, stereo, and board games. Cooking is a ‘breeze’ in the kitchen that comes stocked with cooking utensils, many small appliances as well as a stainless steel oven, microwave, and refrigerator. If you feel like cooking outdoors, there is a gas barbecue grill on the balcony or use the communal grill located by the swimming pool.vacation

When you begin to look at Bahama vacations you will probably have many questions. For me, one of my very first, was, can I bring my dog with me … after all, he goes everywhere with us. Our four legged babies need a vacation also, as long as you prepare in advance for it … and the Bahamas makes it easy!

Do as I say, not as I do. We live a couple of hours away from the closest large airport so when we travel as a family we generally pick a late morning/early afternoon flight so that we don’t have to wake up and get everyone ready at the break of dawn. I chose an early morning flight for our one on one trip to New York City which required us to leave our house before 6 am. That was a mistake. Thomas was tired by the time we got to New York City and we spent most of the first day just hanging out and had an early bed time. A later flight would have allowed us to sleep later and be more adventurous our first day in the city.vacation

Our stress levels dropped dramatically upon boarding the aircraft. The seats at Asiana Airline’s Airbus A330 was comfortable enough to induce some sleep, even if it’s economy. At chow time, we were made to choose between chicken and seafood. Not much of a choice, but they already satisfied my palate.vacation

Bimini Sands Resort and Marina is eco-friendly and has a super nature trail where you will get to experience first hand the flora and fauna that is all part of the Out Islands of the Bahamas. If that isn’t enough.. shelling, snorkeling, walking the sugar sand beaches and amazing sunsets will fill your restful days.