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For the Spring Outing, Dan picked Rainbow Mountain in the Lemhi Range way back in February. He may not have had a crystal ball to predict the weather so far in advance, but his clairvoyant powers selected a fine peak with amazing views. I saw my travels as an ecological pilgrimage. There is a longstanding tradition in most human societies of making a journey, more or less arduous, away from the comforts of home in search of new insights and deeper understandings. This practice may be as old as the human species: Mesolithic peoples in Europe certainly made long journeys to the sacred sites marked by stone circles; the Aboriginal people of Australia take extended walks along ‘songlines’, re-enacting the journeys of ‘creator-beings’ during the Dream Time.mountain

With Coral safely anchored, I could look around. I soon realised that there were nearly as many razorbills as puffins in the pool. They are also auks, but rather bigger, distinguished by a black beak with a white line across it, joining a similar line across the face to the eye. The razorbills seem on the whole less nervous than the puffins: I watched one swimming within a couple of yards of Coral, quite undisturbed as I moved about the deck. When it decided to dive I was able to watch it turn tail up and, once underwater, open its wings to fly down beneath Coral’s keel, the bubbles of air around its feathers gleaming as they caught the sunlight.mountain

Hornblower and the Atropos by C.S. Forester: The Hornblower series by Forester has been produced on the screen, much to my enjoyment, but this is the first Hornblower book I have read / listened to (but it’s not the first one written). I loved it! It’s a good old-fashioned sea adventure set in the time of the Napoleonic Wars. A fairly young Hornblower captains his own small ship, is given responsibility to recover some sunken English treasure, and finds himself in a pickle surrounded by the Turkish navy. I’ll work my way through more in the series.

The aluminum alloy frame is a basic component of this bike also and with the 29 inch wheel base you can be sure you will have no problems in overcoming all the obstacles a mountain trail can offer. The braking system is provided by Shimano and features hydraulic disc brakes for the stopping power you require when out in the outdoor.

We are pleased to have Pastor Ray Brown from Avondale, AZ returning to AMA. He blessed us at the very first AMA as our day speaker, and we have never forgotten those messages. This year we are thrilled to have Brother Tim Brown as the evening speaker. We are looking forward to a great time in the Holy Ghost!mountain