Mountain Studies Institute

Powder Mountain is closed for the 2016/17 winter season. Thank you for a great and memorable winter. We’ll see you on the trails this summer! Mountain ecosystems are threatened. Despite their importance, mountain ecosystems, people and wildlife are under a barrage of threats. Millions live in extreme poverty and are chronically food insecure. Migration is eroding cultures and fraying the fabric of communities. People and ecosystems alike are vulnerable to changing climate and extreme weather and natural disasteers. TMI works closely with mountain communities, combininb local and indigenous knowledge with the latest science to develop practical conservation solutions. With non-profit, government, academic and private-sector partners, our programs promote natural resource conservation, sustainable economic development, climate change adaptation and resilience and cultural preservation.

Mountain bike reviews like this would not be complete without the SE bike that comes with a sleek body and an ergonomic riding position. This bike also comes with a Shimano gear system that provides up to 24 gears making it easy to ride the way you feel comfortable in any terrain. The frame is made of alloy which helps to lower the total weight and also provides a tough structure.mountainmountain

Much of my herbal work is spent with a shovel, basket and clippers as I dig and gather roots, leaves, flowers, bark and berries that are prepared into teas and other herbal formulations. I make every practical effort to harvest from local sources. This requires me to be tuned into to the seasonal cycles and growing patterns of wild plants. I also grow a variety of herbs in my own garden, and have become acutely tuned into conservation and ethical harvesting techniques that ensure the long-term survival and proliferation of our wild medicine plants.

I like bikes. Mostly, I like bikes for their simplicity. But even that’s changed. Bikes are no longer simple. They are now made with such a level of complexity that they are obsolete in the amount of time it took to properly age a tubular tire. As the level of technology in bikes and their accessories (does everyone GPS their rides?) increases, the more I am drawn backwards to less and less complicated bikes.

The kit is easy to install especially after you take a look at our video instructions that walk you through the entire job. In addition you will receive a diagram to scale with your kit so you do not have to remove your existing rod to order. When you get the kit, you will simply match your old rod length to the new RK-ADJ-PRV and build it to size using the adjustable rod stems and stainless steel clips.mountain