Mountain Partners

The UIAA Mountain Protection Award (MPA) was created in 2013. The Award serves as a platform where showcased initiatives receive promotion as part of the extensive international UIAA network. Each year, one project claims the annual prize for best initiative, awarded at the UIAA General Assembly. Please help us pray for the presence of the Lord to meet us on the mountain again this year. Please pray that the Lord will bless and anoint Brother Waldrep and Brother Wilkins. Please pray that AMA 2015 will be used of God to advance His Kingdom in these last days!mountain

This Diamondback model comes with a full suspension and a 29 inch wheel, by having these two you will get the perfect bike that can go over all types of terrain. Some of the featured components have been designed to help with keeping the weight of the bike low and with the help of the high performance components this bike will deliver a smooth ride.mountain

There was an approximate area it was buried, and so a backhoe began to slowly dig out the area. Lots of bottles, nails, and even an old stovetop was found, but no bottle! My husband was down by the backhoe helping to look for anything that could be the time capsule. Suddenly, he spotted something, reached down, and there it was! My husband was the first one to touch this time capsule since 1929, quite an exciting thing for him! He handed it immediately to Mrs. L and then the excitement arose on how best to open it. It was filled with liquid, most likely water, because the cork had gone bad. Soon enough, the bottle was opened and gentle hands pulled the paper from the bottle. It was a recording by the teacher of all the student names there in beautiful handwriting. Here is a closeup of it.

Mountain began a hectic touring schedule in the middle of which they recorded a follow-up album, Nantucket Sleighride , released in January 1971. This album reached #16 but failed to yield a hit single. The title track was used in the UK as the theme to ITV ‘s Sunday political program Weekend World 3 After these early releases the band continued to receive a certain measure of critical acclaim but never again achieved great commercial success.mountain

We are continuing to improve the iconic Mountain Fair Raffle this year by limiting our donations and bringing more visibility to our business partners. Aside from creating unique and exciting prize packages that allow us to promote your business in a way that makes sense, we would like to include your logo on signage in the raffle booth when promoting the packages. All donations of $50 or more will be represented. Again, we will also allow each winner to choose from the available packages so we know our donors are getting a good fit for their donations.