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Ruffner Mountain, in partnership with Turkey Creek Nature Preserve, is proud to announce its annual spring plant sale will be Saturday, April 29, from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. One of the driving forces in my life is a deep love of nature. If you ask me to explain precisely what I mean by that, or why it has such a grip on me, I won’t be able to. But I could tell you about profound experiences I’ve had in forests and mountains, about the joy that rises in my heart when I see a hawk circle or hear the roar of an untamed river, and the misery that sinks into it if I’m trapped in a city or on a motorway. I could tell you about the occasional brief glimpses I get into the reality that I am a passing moment in an ancient, beautiful, terrifying whorl of life on a vast unknowable planet; that I am not an observer of it, but a part of its wide flow; that there is no such thing as outside.mountainmountain

Holder went on to explain that the suffering of African Americans seeking the right to vote in the South in the 60s far surpass the intimidation white voters recently endured in Philadelphia. So much for any pretense of King Obama dispensing equal justice to all Americans. We’re talkin’ Affirmative Action justice.mountain

Contemporary bands of elusive locals from Silverton are the contributors to recent King Lines. Not naming names to protect the innocent, they can be found all living on one of the most unassuming back alleys on the other side of the tracks in the town of Silverton. They are a group of unsung heroes without team name or sponsor. They are tackling the never skied bold lines San Juans 13K peaks and taking the secret home with them. A few of them are responsible for a descent of Hunter in the Alaska Range. Mount Hunter is a entry test piece of American mountaineering to climb let alone ski. They sneak into the deep corners of the San Juans, redefine the standard, and slip back into town to saddle up to the Miners Tavern. That’s the way its been done here for decades and that’s the way the trend seems to remain.

June 3 – Grassroots Gathering – The Little River Waterkeeper presents the 1st annual Grassroots Get Down! Farm to Table Dinner Fundraiser on the bank of Little River at Historic Nippersink Lodge (located at 52 County Rd. 936 in Mentone) at 5 pm. Join us in celebrating our local farmers, local food, and local community! This fundraising event will showcase the incredibly talented farmers and food producers at The Farm at Windy Hill and Harvest Roots Ferments. Tickets are priced at $50 each and will be limited to 30. We will be serving a menu that will showcase the best of the local foods in season that Lookout Mountain has to offer. Entertainment by Matty Croxton.

Since 1972 THE MOUNTAIN INSTITUTE (TMI) works with remote mountain communities to address their most critical challenges. Aimed at the preservation of mountain cultural, natural and spiritual resources, TMI focuses on three central themes: conservation of mountain ecosystems, sustainable economic development and support for unique mountain cultures.