McElmurray’s Mountain Retreat!

You’ve got to love a red gate. Many of the gardens also have great mountain views. You can just see the blue view peeping through Autumn tree here. The Award is a fundamental part of the UIAA Mountain Protection Commission ‘s commitment to encouraging and supporting the conservation of natural resources, landscapes and diverse cultures in mountain regions. Through the MPA, the Commission specifically focuses on the promotion of positive behaviour and education in mountain tourism and recreation.mountain

Spectators are welcome to watch the event from the course finish area which will be located behind the Blue Mountain Inn. Spectators and guests can also watch live coverage of the race in the World Cup Celebration Festival Area located in the Blue Mountain Village. Guests can also enjoy free family activations and live music in the Village throughout the weekend.

Apocalyptic stories about of the end of the world are sexy, in part because they allow us, in much the same way as fantasies of past lives do, to cast ourselves as important players in grand historical dramas. They strip us of boring domestic chores. They set us free from our stuff and give us a blank slate with which to start over. However, I think our job is going to be more complicated than that. My hunch is that we’re not going to get a big, sexy, end-of-the-world do-over. What we’ll be faced with is more ordinary. A series of diminishments. The loss of one thing we thought we could not live without, and then another, and then another yet.mountain

My weekend of summer was over, and I trudged back to the computer. I wonder though: if I had every day to choose from, would I appreciate it as much, or would I instead fidget over the massive snowpack keeping me at low elevation? As much as I am glad to be out of the rain, living in it taught me to accept what was. During gales, you stayed on the beach. If it rained the whole five days of a kayak trip, you dealt with it. There was no waiting for the perfect time, the perfect weather, the perfect trail.mountain

If you will not meet the registration deadline or have questions about forms or payment, please email us: [email protected] We need to know if you are planning to come by this Thursday so that we can provide accurate meal counts for our friends at the Sacramento campground.