Luxury All Inclusive Vacations, Cheap 4 & 5

Dreaming of a family vacation and some time out? Think that it’s going to be too expensive to take one this year with the economy going downhill? Well, you needn’t rule out getting away this year, you may just need to change the plans a little. Rather than flying to the other side of the country or overseas it’s time to enjoy the things closer to home and save some serious money. Often there are great places within a couple of hours drive but it’s always the way that we ignore the things on our doorstep. Find out how to plan a holiday with all the fun but less of the cost. Eat slowly. At home, your fast-paced schedule has you grabbing food on the run or gorging after skipping meals. Take advantage of having fewer time constraints to relish the sensory experience of dining, say, while you are sitting at a beachfront table watching the sunset. When you really taste every bite of your food, you will eat only until you are no longer hungry, not until you are stuffed.vacation

On average, a family spends at least five dollar’s (per person) just to eat a single fast food meal. This can not only destroy a vacation budget, but it also is very unhealthy. Ever wonder why people come back from vacations with a five pound weight gain? – Junk food!vacationvacation

Enjoy great food while on your Bahamas vacation. It is always terrific when you can use fresh food from the area. Well, fresh conch is as close as the nearest dock where locals come in to sell their catch… they will even clean it for you and for just a couple of dollars you can whip up a gourmet treat!

Of course, your body would be grateful for any additional spa service to help rejuvenate the skin and muscles after the long hard winter. Now it is time to stroll to one of the delectable dining establishes to fill your body with warm sustenance. You’re probably feeling quite relaxed and a bit sleepy by this point, so head back to your beautiful luxury vacation home and curl up by the fire to keep the warmth coming. Choose from the impressive stone fireplace situated in the great room or the private fireplace in the master bedroom.

Kids Tolerance in Driving- This is a big one! But one of the best choices we have made in doing major driving with the kids is time of day. For this trip, we picked the kids up from school and left (3:00pm). We drove straight through, and arrived exactly 17 hours later. How did the kids do? GREAT! Because MOST of the time, they were sleeping. What this meant was LESS potty breaks, less food and DRINKS… And less fights! When the kids woke up, we were almost to Florida! Of course they woke up a few times in the car, but quickly fell back asleep. For the awake times we had plenty of things for them to do, and plenty of snacks. I will share that stuff with you another day!