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Owning a vacation rental can be a very rewarding and profitable venture. It can also be a very difficult, frustrating, and expensive experience if you don’t avoid some very basic pitfalls. Some pitfalls to avoid may seem obvious, but are worth repeating. Others may be things you probably have not even considered. I will be putting all my JA2 v1.13 tweaks up here. Use the menu bar to the left to get to the specific topics of modification. The site is under continuous construction as there will be new additions, changes and tweaks happening to Arulco Vacations as fast as I can make them. Don’t hesitate to comment, critique or otherwise give input on the way you’d like to see things done. There are aspects of this game I know little to nothing about because each play-through plays out differently, and every gamer games differently. There are probably things within the game I will never encounter – which makes it hard to tweak those things if I don’t know they are there or how they work in-game. Why a tweak and not a mod? Simply because I am only doing what the modders of v1.13 have enabled every player to do – tweak their mod to the Player’s own liking. That said, this ‘tweak’ has become a major mod that ‘tweaks’ almost every aspect of the game.

Be a smart travel planner. Searching intelligently and using the vast resources of the Internet will ultimately find you better deals. When you add up car rentals, gas, hotels, airfare, things to do, etc. they get expensive quickly. They can also add up a lot of savings if you shop around and find good deals while not sacrificing a great vacation.vacation

Upon arrival to Costa Rica, we meet you at the airport and escort you to your transport. For guests arriving through San Jose, we offer a VIP meet & greet service which will help you navigate customs and escort you to your driver. From the minute you step off the plane, our friendly, bilingual drivers and tour guides will make you feel at home during your holiday.vacationvacation

The third advantage that some would consider is almost all cruises include the cost of meals with your vacation, with many offering all-inclusive packages including drinks and excursions. This can significantly reduce the cost of a vacation. If you are on a land based vacation eating abroad brings its own challenges depending on where you go, on a cruise this is not a factor. Most cruise ships brag about their five star cuisine and the shear amounts of food that are offered. That’s why most cruise vacationers come home a little heavier than when they started.

If your winning bid is $200.00, you will only be charged $200.00 as we do not add any additional costs or handling fees. (We even pay the taxes for you). If an advertisers has a required charge such as a cleaning fee, resort or parking fee, it will be clearly identified in the auction listings so you are aware before bidding.