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People are overburdened with work these days and have little or no time to take a break and relax. Sometimes, an effort is made to re-schedule and plan a vacation. Though there is not much time to consult a travel agency, the details can still be arranged over the Internet. These details help to take a decision on the basis of the budget available. Vacationers have the option to indulge in a package deal, if they want to combine other travel features along with their plans. By far one of the key reasons Thailand is such an attraction to visitors is the Thai people themselves. Thai people are blessed with a character and temperament that are often the exact opposite of those found in the ‘west’. You see little in the way of confrontation between people here; the famous Thai smile replaces the temper and aggression that might be shown elsewhere. Despite the furry of modern life, Thais remain placid and calm amongst the turmoil creating a tranquility many visitors find infectious and an important part of their Thailand sitestravel sites

The main entrance leads to a large paved rectangular courtyard which was originally surrounded by a pillared verandah under which monks used to sit, probably on mats on the floor or on wooden benches. Note the drains where there would have been facilities for the monks to wash their bowls and their hands after their meals. Against the east wall of the refectory is a huge stone trough made of several pieces of stone so finally finished that they fit together perfectly. In the Mahavamsa such troughs are called rice boats. Steaming rice was tipped into these troughs and then doled out to monks as they lined up and walked passed with their bowls. It has been calculated that this particular trough would have held enough rice to fill 3,800 bowls.

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Leaving the Thuparama and proceeding east down the road the pilgrim will soon begin to walk passed the now barely discernible walls of Anuradhapura’s citadel. These walls were 18 feet thick in parts and about 4 miles long. A smaller road turns off to the left and passes through what was once the main south gate of the citadel and roughly follows its main ancient north south thoroughfare, the famous Mangulmaha Street. Archeological investigation have shown that the gate had two entrances, one for incoming and another for outgoing traffic and that the road was 57 feet wide. The main gate to the city was on the eastern wall and its immense ruins are still visible.

So perhaps the best way is to check through the online travel sites to get an idea of what the basic costs are going to be, but then actually book through the airlines. It will definitely require an extra step to book but you’ll at least know exactly what you’re paying for, plus you might find a unique deal that has gone on sites