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Justin Trudeau’s “Secret Island” Family Vacation In The Bahamas (10 Photos)

The Unlimited Vacation Club by AMResorts is an exclusive travel club whose members VIP privileges at AMResorts properties in Mexico, the Caribbean and Costa Rica, including guaranteed preferred rates and special offers. This morning, our inbox was filled with people asking us if we had any pictures of the vacation. At first I figured people wanted to see just how extravagant the vacation was, but I quickly realized they were just looking for pictures of Justin Trudeau without a shirt.

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As for their water sports, Jay de Leon is considering his hometown, Pangasinan or possibly some resorts like Boracay or some of the newer resorts in Bohol. Needless to say, his students are excited about the whole trip. I’m really stoked. I can’t say which I am going to enjoy more—the arnis, the beach, the food, or the ladies,” enthused Sam Sadler, a long board surfer from Dana Point in Orange County, California and long-time student of Filipino Martial Arts.vacation secret

Now I hate to burst your bubble, but all of these great things don’t come for free, unless you were the winner of the DVC membership in Disney’s Year of a Million Dreams. Look for our next blog entry Deciding to Join the Family” to help you decide of the cost is worth it for you and your family.vacation secret

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