How to make money while traveling

If most of us could have it our way, we’d travel as much as we could. Apart from time and responsibilities, the most substantial constraint to doing so is money. Luckily, there are tried and tested methods that we can use to make money while we travel which allows us to stay longer and do more.


The beauty of working online is that you can access your tools of trade online. When you’re running low on cash, or you have time to spare, you can take up a few jobs and still have time to catch the sunset at the beach you’re visiting. Join a platform and apply for well-paying jobs companies like Diamond and Diamond Lawyers would post.


If you’re fluent in a language, you can look up tutoring opportunities near the destination you intend to go to. Join a Facebook or platform where other travelers or expats have done the same to make extra income. It doesn’t have to be language only; whatever your skill is, playing an instrument, singing, sport or sciences, look for something that you’ll enjoy doing. Remember to respect still the role you take up; you want to secure a stop should you ever go back.

Get a remote job

This approach will probably be the best if you’re looking for something more long-term and somewhat risk-free. When you’re working from home, the agency doesn’t require you to be in your house every time. If anything, they don’t have to know when you’re traveling. This type of job will allow you to catch some sun or go out for a hike and come back rejuvenated ready to work. You’d be surprised at the quality of work you end up producing if it requires creativity.

Apply for jobs with high travel opportunities

Working for a company that sends you halfway around the world is an excellent opportunity to travel. Being on the company’s time could mean it’s a bit restrictive so make an allocation to tour the country or city after doing what your company sent you to do there in the first place. You can take leave and make arrangements with the trip organizer to book your return flight a few days later. From there, you can set up activities that your tourist heart would like to partake in.

Run workshops or seminars

To do this one, you’d have to be quite exceptional at your trade. It also means doing more legwork to source for companies willing to pay for your services and host you for the duration of your workshop or seminar. Here, use your qualifications and former experience when writing a proposal, not to mention how they stand to gain from having you there. Your expenses have to be justified.

Find a sales job

This type of work is mainly for the fearless and those who enjoy socializing. Before going to your destination, get in touch with a local company you’d love to work for. It helps to have a plan in place prior to the trip. When you get there, as you interact with locals you’re able to know the places that suit you best. It works best if you apply for roles that you’re good at or match your background. If you do good enough job you might even get something more long-term!

Get paid for blogging

Being a well-paid blogger requires creating proposals that highlight, among other relevant aspects, why they should pay you to feature content on your website. That is because it’s not as straight forward as it seems- they need to know you have a big enough audience and influence to drive new clients to their business. If you’re focusing on hospitality, have them give a small discount or a complementary item for each person that visits the place because of your recommendation. Using this approach gets you a commission long after you’ve posted the content.


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