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This page is designed for newer browsers. For the best experience, please upgrade to a later version. Surrounded by a soft lawn, the curved seawater pool is perfect for refreshing dips in the shade of a hundred year old park forest right next to the beach. Modern luxury with local tradition and heritage, Mulini Beach is a pebbly beach overlooking the crystal clear sea of the Lone Bay.hotel

You will find that these ends are generally stocked with everything you need. They provide coffee, fresh fruit, candies, desserts, cookies, snacks and so forth. These things are generally found in the main dining area and sometimes if the inn is more like a five-star hotel these amenities will be stocked in the guest suite.

Citra Cikopo Hotel and Resort adalah sebuah hotel dan resort yang cukup luas dan asri dengan luas area sekitar 5 (lima) hektar lebih, tidak sekedar digunakan untuk mewujudkan bangunan hotel dan resort yang artistik, akan tetapi memiliki view pengunungan dengan fasilitas outdoor berupa kolam renang dan taman dalam tatanan yang menarik.hotel

The hotel is located on Södermalm in Stockholm, a vibrant district known for its effervescent atmosphere and range of shops, trendy restaurants, charming cafés and art galleries. Drawing inspiration from the local area, we offer an exciting hotel environment for both business travellers and weekend guests.

Pembayaran dilakukan dengan transfer rekening ke akun yang berada di Bank Central Asia, atas nama PT. Hikari Multi Dinamika. Setelah melakukan pembayaran dan melakukan konfirmasi pembayaran. Anda akan menerima bukti lunas pembayaran (kwitansi pembayaran) telah diterima melalui email dan Voucher Hotel Puncak Pass Resort akan terkirim ke akun anda yang telah anda buat. Silahkan download dan print voucher yang terdapat di akun anda untuk proses check in hotel.hotel