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Looking to escape to somewhere sunny? Our last-minute deals can take you there for less. And, then there was Eddie Duncan as Brian Runnicles-a character whose name fits the part because he does a lot of running around from place to place and through slamming door after slamming door. From the moment he entered the play to the moment he attempted a crashing exit, Duncan was outstanding, although, and this is probably difficult for Eddie who has been blessed with a perpetual boyish grin, he should display less of a smirk and more of a stressed expression to the problematic tasks he hesitantly volunteers for and experiences. I give him a ten for his perfect vault through…well, I will leave it there on that incomplete bit of revelation. It is a scene you do not want to miss.

The best packing material for sex toys is a plastic baggie. These zip to lock and can store flat. If you are taking a blow up toy along, this is the best way to ensure that it won’t get sand or dirt in the plastic, both of which break down the plastic and can cause holes.vacation

We landed in the government cut in Miami and watched homeland security guard the last cruise ship while we bobbled on by and then up to the seaplane base that used to be the base for Chalk’s Airlines. Roberto, the fellow in charge of the seaplane base, was warm and friendly, offered us drinks on arrival.. he even gave us a ride to our final destination as we couldn’t seem to contact a taxi!

While it may not be as big as Everland, Lotte World is still a sight to behold and a recreational center definitely worth visiting. Some even prefer the latter over the former due to its proximity and accessibility, being located right in the heart of Seoul. It is divided into two sections – Magic Island (outdoor park) and Lotte World Adventure (indoor). Due to the inclement weather, we were only confined to the indoor section of the theme park.

In Hungarian , the word vakáció can mean both a recreational trip, an officially granted absence from work (generally in warmer months), and the summer (longest) school break. For absence from work, the word szabadság (freedom/liberty) can be used, possibly as betegszabadság (sickness freedom/sickness liberty) when the reason of absence is medical in nature.vacationvacation