Hawaii’s Oldest Island

BNS sendiri menyajikan aneka wahana permainan yang bisa di nikmati untuk seluruh anggota keluarga Anda. Ada puluhan wahana yang tidak akan bisa Anda lupakan setelah menikmatinya seperti gallery hantu, slalom test, sepeda udara tertinggi, lampion garden dan trampoline. Di obyek wisataBNS ini Anda juga bisa menguji adrenalin dengan mencoba beberapa wahana menarik, seperti drag race, mouse coaster, dan beberapa permainan lain. Banyak juga wahana yang khusus disediakan untuk anak-anak seperti kids zone yang terdiri dari 25 macam. Surrounded by unspoilt islands it is one of only a handful of private islands along this beautiful coast. Cempedak is ringed with white sandy beaches and studded with magnificent white granite boulders. Rising to a height of 40m, the island boasts a rain forest that provides sanctuary to a diverse population of local birds including hornbills, eagles and kingfishers. Other residents on the island include the critical endangered pangolin and a family of sea otters.island

Hawaii Beach – Are you in the process of planning a family vacation to Hawaii? If you are, congratulations. In all honesty, you are likely giving your child or children the experience of a lifetime. Many families are now lucky if they even get to take a yearly family vacation and many more find themselves staying closer to home, but you are giving your child the opportunity to experience the beauty, land, and culture of Hawaii! As fun as the initial excitement will be, you will soon need to start making your travel arrangements.island

The northern parts of the Dutch shore are the Wadden Islands. These Islands, Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog are now considered as World heritage. This decision has a great impact of the people living on these islands. Due to the new regulations it will be more difficult to build, or to propose for building, industry or business permissions.

The most popular arrival method into Catalina Island is via boat from the mainland in the town of Avalon. Avalon is considered the central point of the island where visitors can get information on all aspects of the Catalina experience from lodging to hiking. Located on the eastern coast of the island, Avalon is home of most of the hotels, shopping and dinning opportunities on Catalina. Small little streets and walking paths criss cross through Avalon. At the center of Avalon’s shores is its harbor, home to dozens of private yachts and sail boats.island

The post-race festivities are what separate this race from others. The biggest draw is the huge, delicious macadamia nut pancakes that they serve at the end. While everyone is enjoying those at large picnic tables, a local band plays Hawaiian tunes. A silent auction also has prizes from local vendors for people to browse and bid on. After everyone talks story, it’s time for the awards, which are some of the best around. The top three in each age group receive carved stone medallions, while the overall winners win huge carved stones, sometimes quite a surprise and packing challenge for non-local winners.