Hawaiian Island Cruises

For tropical vacations, the Bahamas are legendary. And with good reason. Even as one of the smallest countries in the world, the Bahamas archipelago, with its approximately 700 tiny islands and 2,000 tinier islets, offers a broad spectrum of topography, facilities and recreational opportunities, and gorgeous, pristine beaches besides. There are nearly 30 inhabited islands here, and of those more than a dozen hold tourist interest. Spend some time on Wilson Island, which is part of the Great Barrier Reef. In a vacation package that is not really all that expensive, you an enjoy staying in a tent and the views of the reef and the ocean. Some resorts, like this one, are for adults only, while others have many activities for families with children. The Hawaiian Islands are another popular tropical destination with resorts right on the sandy beaches. Of course, there are secluded locations as well that are just perfect for a honeymoon or a romantic getaway.

Catering to the upscale market, 22 units in the Poipu Kai Resort were added measuring 1,700 to 2,000 square feet. These condos have air conditioning, featuring walk-in showers made of glass block, complete with designer furnishings. Oh and for kitchen lovers, there’s Corian countertops throughout. Visitors here will agree this place is a pleasant, nicely-manicured resort, complete with pool and ocean-front units.island

If one is arriving from Vientiane by overnight sleeper bus you will find yourself in one of two bus stations depending on which bus company you use. Freedom Pass works with Chitparsong Bus company rather than Kieng Kai or Sengchaleun. Their bus station is near the river and only around a 100m from the centre of town. With this in mind if your final destination is Pakse you will not need to get on one of the tuk tuks waiting at the bus station. If you are arriving on the morning flight from Vientiane with prior arrangement Xplore-Laos can arrange a pick up and transfer to the minivan departing south to the 4000 Islands.

An analogy to KIRS hype: my old Mazda has similar sweeping lines to a Porsche Turbo S – all that is needed is for someone else to buy it and invest in a ‘Fulfil Your Dreams’ revamp to bring it up to the same ‘lavish’ standard, and then convince hundreds of people to pay a grand each for a ride. My Mazda is even rare (well, it is the only one left in my ‘hood); I hear that restored rare antiques are worth even more. I’ll accept the premium for all of this, and you do the rest.island

I just graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University on December 17, 2011. I am a Marine veteran and a current C-130 crew chief at the 129th Rescue Wing in the California Air National Guard. My civilian goal is to fly for the fire service. I enjoy SCUBA and skydiving. I am engaged to my lovely fiancee Lorretta.island