The west coast of Holland is almost a beach from north to south. The natural protections against the sea are the dunes. These products of wind, sun and water are one of Holland’s most interesting creatures of nature. They are the natural habitat of endanger species and therefore well protected by the Dutch government. It is about 400 metres to the island and there was a clear path leading up onto the island from the beach at the eastern end. I don’t know who owns or manages the island but some areas had obviously been mowed quite recently and some of the undergrowth had been cut back. There is a ruined building towards the southern end of the island, which had an apple tree and a eucalyptus in its former garden. I tried one of the apples – it was horrible! To the south of the ruin is a house which was shut up but looked to be habitable.

St Michael’s Mount is located just off the south Cornish coast near Marazion. The castle is home to the St Auben family while the community of villagers who live around it work to sustain the mount as a self-contained parish. Today the castle is owned by the National Trust, but in the past it has acted as a fortress, stately home and even a priory – and offers an excellent insight into the history of the region. The castle is open to the public at specific times relating to the seasons, so it is sometimes necessary to book.

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This race is relatively small, with only 21 individuals and 3 relay teams competing. At the end of the first two legs, we were in 3rd place for the relays. The eventual winning team had quite a lead with super masters swimmer Jim McCleery leading the way and getting about 12 minutes on me on the swim. So John had some work to do. He did a great job, catching up to Dave Cobb to put us in second place.

Eve- Marie Quinton, the second female finisher, won a gift bag from the Big Island Running Company which included a running shirt, trucker hat, and water bottle. How do I know? Two reasons: the day before, Melissa called me at the store and asked me to put the gift bags together, and I won one too. Had I known, I would have thrown a few more really expensive things in there.island