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Among many American tourists destinations like Florida and Caribbean are the most sought after during winter times to catch fun in the sun-filled beaches and during summer vacations Europe is the preferred choice for many. To find cheap airfares to any city or destinations has become much easier now. The Internet provides now numerous resources in finding cheapest airline tickets, cruises, hotels, vacations, and rental cars. Tourists shall consider factors of layover time and requirements of transit visa at stopping locations. This visa can be obtained easily in most of the cases but nothing shall be left to chance. Else, in the absence of transit visa, there could be problems at these airports.

In an episode which has gripped South America the facts could simply not be made up; if it was fiction it would be dismissed as too implausible. On 4th August 2007 an Argentinian airport security officer, Maria del Lujan Telpuk, stopped asked a Venezuelan-American businessman, Guido Alejandro Antonini Wilson, about the contents of his case. He had just disembarked from a flight chartered by Venezuela’s state oil company, PDVSA, to Buenos Aires.

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