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Astrid Solo Travel Advisor has combined years of travel experience, a focus on cultural awareness, and a healthy excitement for the world at large to offer the solo traveler a wealth of knowledge on affordable luxury travel. In addition to our scheduled tours, we operate tailor-made tours that cater for a variety of special interest requests including cultural, study, religious and adventure tours, with hostel to 5-star services and accommodation. We also sell the cheapest flights from Istanbul to anywhere in the advisor

We at Viet Travel Advisor follow ‘no hidden costs’ policy. In fact, this is what gives us enormous confidence to serve you in the best possible way. That is why we are always ahead of others. Our adhering to this policy further ensures you to rely on us without a tad of doubt. Hence, there is no risk involved with our travel services. All you need to do is ‘relax’ the moment you subscribe to services from Visit Viet Travel Advisor.

It’s understandable that many travelers want to wait until after the holidays to start planning trips for next year. But it’s likely the best offers will be gone by then. Imagine how relaxing it would be to not only have your spring break travel planning out of the way, but also know you have saved yourself a lot of money!travel advisor

Finally, they agreed to have a 3 way conversation between owner, us and TripAdvisor. This was a big lie which never happened and they never even told us what they are up to. After another month, we got an email saying that they cannot do anything and money goes to owner. Please do not book anything via TripAdvisor as they have extremely poor customer service and you will end up losing all your money in cases like this where the owner is a cheat.

Final tips: For those traveling by road like us, please drive carefully. Watch out for kangaroo and emu road hazards at dusk and dawn. There are many kangaroos which have jumped in front of our car along the highways. If this happens, control your braking. The open road speed limit is 110 km per hour. Slow down to the usual 50 km per hour limit in most of the country towns you pass through. No matter how big or cute the Roo”, do not swerve at speed. Drive safe!travel advisor