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In the aviation industry today, it has now become part of everyday normal operations for twin engine aircraft to cross the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and also deserts. In this article, I will guide you on how ETOPS works in my simple words. Search and book exclusive student and youth flights with STA Travel. We fly with the world’s leading airlines and have the lowest and most flexible airfares on the market. Look out for our BlueTicket fares for exclusive student prices and Book Now, Pay Later with our $49 airfare deposit.

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The information given is worth looking at. The complete itineraries are given for each flight. The number of layovers and their durations are included within the total travel time. There are some flights that take and entire day to fly for 5 hours. Then there are direct routes that get you there in the shortest possible time. This has a big impact upon what the price is going to be. Therefore, when you are booking a discount flight these are areas deserving consideration.

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