Enjoy Your Vacation Without Gaining An Ounce

Want to vacation Mexico for cheap? No problem. Most visitors to Mexico are surprised that the prices are much higher than they expected. But with a bit of research, it is possible to vacation in Mexico for cheap. As you walk Niña’s deck, let your imagination take sail. Picture yourself a crew member on that fateful voyage and reflect on what life would have been like with only a compass to guide you, working while others slept, sleeping while others worked, day after day watching for land, dreaming of trees and rocks and sand, and slurping on coo-coo clams from Coo-Coo Cove.vacation

Above are the few things that are really important in your packing, the rest of the stuff all depends upon your necessities. But first thing is first and that is to start packing a week ago then your trip and make a list of all the things you need before packing so that you don’t miss out on anything!vacation

Don’t diet beforehand. A popular plan is to crash-diet before you leave, so you can pig out once you are away. If you try to drop pounds quickly, you will most likely lose muscle and water weight. Then when you overeat, you will replace that lost muscle with fat. It is better to eat normally but step up your exercise routine to burn fat and build calorie-burning muscle. For a few weeks before you go, add an extra 60 minutes of exercise, like running or aerobics, to your weekly workouts.vacation

Set up a vacation fund. Pay yourself first and put some of that into a vacation pot that you don’t touch until your trip. Each year, my parents will do this by putting loose coins into a bank, and by the time their trip comes they have enough money for gas, food, extra fun stuff they wouldn’t have had.

The ride from Sorgoson City to Legazpi City took an hour and a half. I was a bit worried then of the predicament that I was in. It’s already 8:30 p.m. and the rain started to taunt me into spending a night at the first inn that my eyes would chance upon. However, I was determined in spending a relaxing evening in Legazpi at a good budget hotel.