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Enjoy great value family stays with Travelodge where kids under 16 stay and eat breakfast FREE. Our all you can eat breakfast is available at all our hotels with a restaurant and bar. Only £8.25. Cipaganti (Travel yang biasa saya pake tuk tujuan ke Bandung dari Jakarta, soalnya yang paling deket kost-an ). Sepertinya paling lengkap dibanding Otojasa yang lain serta pengemudi dan pegawainya memiliki Seragam resmi. Kalo naek travel ni suka dikasih minum air mineral sebotol. Untuk Jakarta-Bandung(BTC) dan sebaliknya Cipaganti menyediakan layanan Point-to-Point. Salah satu cabang yang saya ketahui yaitu di PGC (skarang dah pindah ke jl. Dewi sartika) dan Cikini. Layanan yang lain: Bandung-Cirebon dan sebaliknya door to door. Bandung-Bogor door-to-door. Jakarta-Tasik dan Jakarta-Cirebon, serta layanan antar jemput ke Bandara dari beberapa kota. Phone: 0231-238989 (Cirebon), 021-68801926 & 021-30019083 (PGC-Jakarta), 022-6126650 & 022-7333646 (Bandung). Info lebih lanjut lihat di website resminya.

MPX: Ini adalah travel Bandung-Bogor dan sebaliknya door-to-door. Saya lum pernah menggunakana travel ini, tapi temen2 saya yang orang Bogor sering menggunakan jasa MPX untuk melayani perjalanan dari Bogor ke Bandung dan sebaliknya. Phone: 0251-8385358 dan 08176051040.traveltravel

Travel Hacks : Since the resort rely on the boat transfer for all its guests, there is a 150 metres platform for the boats to dock. The platform will give you a beautiful picture shoot with the Andaman Sea and Thai’s famous limestones as background. Just wait until there is no boats at the dock and approach the security guard with a smile and tell them you want to snap some pictures. Be kind and friendly to the locals!

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About 12 noon, both of us were damn hungry and starving for meal. What do you expect? We only had bread for breakfast and 2 slice of pineapples. We decided to have pizza or pasta for lunch. The rich bimbos attitude remain as usual despite the shoestring budget! We survey for Italian restaurants and surprisingly, most Italian restaurants hire foreign or local workers. The word foreign here referring to Pakistani and Bangladeshi workers. You see, back in Malaysia, when we said Bangladeshi working in a restaurant we only think of Mamak-kind of style. But in Krabi – they work in Italian food restaurant occay!travel