Welcome to P& Cruises. This website presents a main menu on the left hand side from where you can browse our cruises, and a toolbar menu at the top page with search, live chat, support, and profile settings. Proud heirs of a unique seafaring heritage, MSC Cruises nurtures long-established values of maritime professionalism in all our crew at every level. We support them throughout their careers to ensure their expertise is rigorously honed and continuously kept up to date. And we equip them with the most advanced navigation and safety

If you have teenagers, choose a line that has teenage oriented programs and facilities; teens get restless and a good way to use up all that excess hyper energy is to choose a line that provides, ice skating, roller blading, rock climbing, miniature golf and whatever your teenagers like. These activities are always in addition to the pool and the ball games that are a part of the ship’s activities list.

If you’re planning to cruise with infants, be sure that cruise lines have professional baby sitters so parents will no longer need to look after their babies if they wish to spend their time with their partners. Swimming pool distances should also be just in vicinity so parents can look after their kids just at a

Who said you cannot learn something while on vacation? This center’s fortes include research and the rescue and rehabilitation of animals, such as seabirds, harbour seals, and sea lions. Through viewing windows at the center, spot sea live sea stars, Alaskan king crabs, and a Giant Pacific octopus!cruises

Royal Princess and Emerald Princess both feature Peru, Chile and an overland to Machu Picchu on the 16-day Andes & South America cruises between Los Angeles and Santiago (Valparaiso), which can be combined with a 14-day Cape Horn cruise for a 30-day Andes & Cape Horn Grand Adventure. Both ships also sail 19-day Brazilian Adventure cruises between Fort Lauderdale and Buenos Aires, which can be combined with the 14-day Cape Horn cruises for a 33-day Cape Horn & Brazil Grand Adventure.