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A cidade espanhola de Cartagena, recebeu hoje a escala do elegante navio de passageiros Celebrity Reflection da companhia Celebrity Cruises numa viagem pelo MediterrĂ¢neo Ocidental. The birth of leisure cruising began with the formation of the Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company in 1822. The company started out as a shipping line with routes between England and the Iberian Peninsula , adopting the name Peninsular Steam Navigation Company. 5 It won its first contract to deliver mail in 1837. In 1840, it began mail delivery to Alexandria , Egypt , via Gibraltar and Malta 5 The company was incorporated by Royal Charter the same year, becoming the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company.

This constantly monitors and analyses the ship’s position, speed, heading and course, together with the depth, current and other parameters of the surrounding waters, plus the position of any other vessels within a 40-mile radius. As a result, all our ships follow a totally safe course at all times, whether cruising, manoeuvring, piloting or docking. Similar state-of-the-art solutions relay complete data from the engine control room and onboard weather systems both to the bridge and Sorrento, enabling a real-time overview and constant optimisation. This offers the additional benefit of outstanding ecological performance across the fleet, optimising power and fuel consumption to keep emissions to a minimum. So the world we pass through safely is as beautiful for future generations as it is for us today.cruisescruises

Crown Princess leaves the Caribbean to relocate to the Mediterranean on May 1 2010. She sails from Fort Lauderdale and spends eight days at sea ahead arriving at Gibraltar. With the passengers altogether rested up from those restful sea days precious coral Princess calls at Alicante Barcelona Marseilles and Livorno before arriving in Roma on May

Everyone should be hungry at the end of the day. So it is also important to check whether lines have dining options for kids. Kids generally have bottomless appetite so it would be wise to know if ships serve buffets or fast food where they would always love to go and eat. Some ships serve McDonald’s, amazing isn’t it? Planning to cruise with your family is a perfect way to reiterate your bond with them while spending a vacation through an ocean trip. But because there are over 60 shipping lines to choose from, you might need more information on how to pick a cruising line.

Extended versions of popular Voyager-class ships, the Freedom-class ships vessels are the most innovative in the Royal Caribbean fleet of megaliners, and it would take a seriously bad mood to claim that there is nothing to do. And if anyone gets too truculent, ship them off to the full-size boxing ring, where they can get lessons and even do some sparring.