Cruise Deals

I am excited to be invited on my first cruise of 2013. Wait, I put that wrong, I am excited to have my first invitation to a cruise. This cruise is in November 2013, and is being put together by one of our Partners + Rachel Horton and her sister + Mrs Williams It is a short enough cruise, (actually, twice as long as our name sake), that I felt I could mention it here. The new Miami Guava Wheat beer was unveiled this weekend at a shipboard ceremony during which Carnival Vista’s expert brewmaster Colin Presby tapped the first cask of the deliciously refreshing new brew. Guests on board were the first to sample the highly drinkable beer, hand-crafted by Presby using the finest ingredients and inspired by Carnival Vista’s Miami homeport. Miami Guava Wheat reflects the tropics with a light body and palate-pleasing notes of tangy pink guava, the primary ingredient in Miami’s ever-popular guava

When it comes to cruising, Repositioning, means the cruise ship will move from one seasonal area to another. In the past, long ago, the ships would do this empty. Move the ship and crew to a warmer location, and have no passengers. Then one of the cruise lines decided to charge a small fee to allow potential new cruiser’s to test the waters, get their feet wet, dive right in, the cruise game. Slowly other cruise lines followed suit. now it is a THING. This gives the cruiser an opportunity to cruise for much less. Please keep in mind, they are not doing round trips, so you need to get back home by

As leaders in destination immersion and experiential travel, Holland America Line adds Cuba to its itineraries in order to provide guests with a thoughtful cultural exchange experience. Most itineraries include an extended call at Havana, allowing guests the time to explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site and immerse themselves in a wide array of historical and cultural adventures. Additionally, a stop at Cienfuegos presents the opportunity for a special visit to Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Cuba’s province of Sancti Spí

If you hear the title Budapest Danube Cruise you will imagine a passenger ship cruisinig from different ports arriving to Budapest as the final destination. Silverline Cruises came up with an idea to present a great opportunity to do a Budapest Danube Cruise without joining one of the cruise boats on the river Danube.

Hoje na capital portuguesa está os navios Marco Polo da companhia Cruise Maritime Voyages e Silver Cloud que termina em Lisboa um cruzeiro de 10 noites com início no Mónaco. Silver Cloud veio de Portimão pelas 7h e pelas 17h partiu a Leixões, numa viagem rumo ao norte da Europa.