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Learn more about the specific place you plan to visit, including conditions that may affect your safety and security. Thanks to the kid-friendly apps these days there is no need for you to cram a box full of toys and coloring books in your hand luggage when traveling. But in case your phone runs out of battery and to be on the safe side take a book and magic color pen with you.

If the writer tell you that his / her flight is comfortable, it is either he / she being upgraded to the business class, spend a fortune for their seat, banging the cabin crew, or threaten to bomb the cockpit and etc. But in most economy for budget airlines, with no in-seats entertainment or power

On the second day, both of us really wake up a bit early than we normally does. Back in Kuala Lumpur, we describe the word ‘early’ as any time before tea time. We always thought that morning is when the sun is high up in the sky. But indeed we were wrong! We wake up really beyond our comfort timezone; 7 AM. I repeat back freaking 7 in the morning. If our parents read my blog (only if they learn how to on the computer first and know that today’s internet doesn’t need to use 1515 dial up anymore) for sure they will be surprised. The whole Malaysia will be feed with tones and tones of bananas, donated by our parents to mosques. Unfortunately, both our parents are tech-illiterate and therefore, no free banana!

Once settled with our check-in, rest for a while, shower and get ready; both of us simply grab our handbags and heads out. Mostly when others would check the beach or the Ao Nang street first, we went to check further away from the beach – the Muslim

Surabaya Travel juga menyediakan paket wisata Group untuk 30 – 60 pax- (orang) atau lebih di Jawa Timur dan sekitarnya, yang mana terdapat beberapa obyek wisata yang pastinya akan membuat Anda terkagum kagum saat melihat keindahan lingkungan alam untuk memudahkan menambah wawasan secara langsung dalam massa liburan dan